Nayoo is a portal website for real estate


What is Nayoo?

“Nayoo” means “I’d like to live here” or “This place looks comfortable” in Thai language.

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What kind of site is this?

Nayoo is a website about real estate in Thailand. Regardless whether you want to rent or sell, we offer various search options by area, rail line, map or price.

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What kind of companies advertise with us?

Thai real estate intermediary companies ・, property development companies and estate management companies.

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What is the national origin of the companies that advertise with us?

Since we are a multilingual website, Thai, Japanese, Western and many other companies use our services.

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What languages are available on our page?

Currently, our webpage is available in Thai, Japanese and English.
We set the languages and adjust the program to each language. Therefore, you can view our page without any discomfort.

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What kind of facility is “For roommate” of property detail page?

When you register on our website, you are able to view profiles of people who look for the same property. If you wish, you can contact them.

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What kind of information do you need to register?

If you enter your desired residence information, you may receive messages from people who want to rent in the same property.

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Is it dangerous to input personal information?

If you want to find some partner to be your roommate, you have to input some of your personal information for communication. But if you don’t want to, you can choose which input to show or some to hide. Your hiding information will be safe in our website.

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If I can find wrong or mistake information, how should I do?

Please contact every company concerned, regarding the change in Post?
However, there might be changes regarding the rent information or property availability. Since there a lot of service apartments and rooms of similar type, their pictures may overlap sometimes. We provide counseling about intentionally erroneous or tortious information, so feel free to contact us.

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